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Welcome to Flyfish Ventures Alberta!

Alberta, with its thousands of miles of clear meandering rivers and streams, is the perfect destination for serious fly-fishing. At a Calgary Sportsman's Show, I met a young man named Kurt, who kindly offered to escort me to some of this province's best streams and I owe much to him for my present enjoyment of fly-fishing. We still travel and fish together whenever work and family permit.

Hiking along peaceful, welcoming water-ways has also provided the exercise I need to restore and maintain my physical health and strength. Since taking early retirement I've endeavoured to become an amateur entomologist, studying stream insect life. As a result I have been known to hide in my fly room for hours at a time, tying flies and pondering over fish hide-a-ways which I'd love to visit in the next 100 years. Please take the time to visit Nick's bio and learn more about the guide that will make your trip, a trip of a lifetime!

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