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Barnaby Lakes

By Nick Gawryletz

They told us it would be a 3+hour hike to Barnaby Lake. Wrong! It was a climb, almost a scramble, not a hike. First the twisting, zig-zagging ever upward push through bush, including numerous tops of trees that were broken off earlier this spring by a snow storm. Then the even steeper ridge which takes one above the level of the Castle ski hill. The last third of the way was almost equally demanding with more climbing or descending around the base of the mountain which not only holds the lake from spilling recklessly towards the West Castle, but also very cleverly hides it from view until one reaches the shoreline. Tough going? Super tough! Our muscules cried for mercy, our feet ached, and to top it off, we caught no fish. Yes, we saw some. They came right to the flies we offered, but never even a bite.

Kurt climbed even higher to try fishing the other two small lakes that lie side by side and, of course, hidden from the lake below. Same story - no response from the fish. I enjoyed a short nap while he was scouting the other lakes, and in my dream I caught more fish than he did.

The one redeeming factor was the scenery. What beauty is hidden there!I have tried to capture some of it with the camera, and hopefully soon will be able to download the photos for you to enjoy. In the meantime I'm home until the next weekend, resting those poor, beaten up feet and legs.

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