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Crowsnest River, Alberta, Canada

By Kurt Lindberg

This river is a jewel. It is small enough to wade most of the year but produces large trout in great quantities. The Crow, as it is often called, is located in the southwest corner of the province of Alberta. It boasts about 30 miles of trout filled pools, runs and riffles. The upper portion consists of meadow type stream and moves out onto the prairies to divide rolling hills with its blue insect hatchery. Rainbow trout are the main swimmer of this river with many Rocky Mountain Whitefish. A few cutthroat and brookies also find a home in some portions of the river. There are a few scattered brown trout in the river below the Lundbreck Falls.

The hatches come off in some form or another most of the year. The extreme cold of November to March can slow the hatches to nothing, but there is usually a warm Chinook day on its way to start the midges hatching again. April is typically a very good month to fish if the weather cooperates with hatches of tiny midges and Blue Winged Olive mayflies. May and the first half of June is often the time when the mountain runoff scours the rivers of Alberta and can cause the rivers to become very high and discolored. It is best to check before booking a trip.

There are huge hatches of Salmon flies, March Brown mayflies, and Yellow stoneflies around the same time as runoff. If you hit this right, you could be rewarded with an amazing day of fishing. The real fishing on this river starts after runoff has subsided and continues into the month of September. During this time you will see hatches of caddis, various mayflies and the late summer standby, grasshopper imitations. This river is a favorite of many, and even with the fishing pressure remains a quality fishery with incredible scenery well worth spending time on.

A few tributaries on the upper portion offer smaller fish throughout the summer.

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