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Eutsuk Lake, British Columbia, Canada

Want something exotic?

Try Eutsuk Lake. This 120-mile long body of water lies in the northern end of Tweedsmuir Park in west-central BC, and offers experiences seldom found anywhere in the world

Reaching it is a story in itself. Why take a plane or helicopter when you can enjoy 2 to 3 hours of boat travel on Ootsa Lake, although there is danger of encountering partially- submerged floating driftwood. Then you participate in a ¾-mile portage using a narrow railroad line, before dropping into the cold water of Eutsuk.

Fishing is fantastic. The rainbows are large, they're feisty, and they're all over the lake. At the west end, while standing in your boat you can chip ice off a glacier for your drink. In the middle section of the lake you can trace through sonar the top of an old volcano which still has jagged edges rising to within 27 feet of the lake surface.

Eagles, moose and bears can be spotted almost anywhere along the lake shore. Add fresh blueberries, saskatoons, or huckleberries to a fresh-fish barbeque, and your dreams are fulfilled beyond expectation. Camping on a spit of land that juts out into the lake, offering clear lake views east, south and west, you will make a wish to stay there forever.

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