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Prairie Creek, Alberta, Canada

In spite of what Barry Mitchell says about Prairie Creek in his book Alberta's Trout Highway, it remains one of my favorite walk-and-wade fishing streams. Others have obviously enjoyed at least some stretches of it, for one of the sections is known as "the miracle mile". It boasts some of the most productive fishing water in Alberta.

While chatting with one of the landowners whose beautiful house overlooks Prairie Creek, I learned that he has known of brown trout weighing up to 10 pounds being taken from this stream. There are pike in it, too. I almost stepped on one some years ago - all 24 inches of him!

For those who enjoy camping, there are several campsites along the creek. The upper section, especially the part of the stream that flows through the forest reserve, holds mostly brook trout, which are much smaller in size, but still can offer pleasurable moments and memories.

Prairie Creek is quite well known for its stonefly hatch. My best day on the creek, however, took place in 2001 when the browns rose all day to my dry flies. What an encouragement to keep going back to this unique stream.

Major tributaries include the Vetch, Moose and the north fork of Prairie Creek.

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