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Racehorse Creek

By Nick Gawryletz

While fishing the Racehorse during the past week-end, I noticed that spincasters and flyfishermen alike raced to their favorite spots, trying to head off later arrivals. It was then that I began thinking that Racing Fishermen would be a more appropriate name for the Creek.

Another possible name could be Grizzly Creek, as if there are not enough scary names already. Late Sat. evening four of us watched a grizzly eat berries just off the road a hundred yards or so from us. It wasn't until we slowly drove past him before he woofed, and then headed for the bush from where he watched us. I hope to have some of the photos of him in the gallery section soon.

Fishing for cutts in the Creek is okay if you don't mind making long detours aroung around other fishers and an occasional grizzly. The host and hostess at the campground are very helpful in giving ideas where to go fishing.

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