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Raven River, Alberta, Canada

Some love it, some hate it, some do both at the same time.

The Raven, including its main tributary, Stauffer Creek, is one of the finest brown trout streams found anywhere in Alberta. It also has the smartest browns, which explains why some grow to as much as 5 pounds.

The Stauffer is where the main action is. Because this spring-fed creek stays open all year, and because it is open year-round for fishing, people from far and near have taken it upon themselves to meet the challenge of conquering, once and for all, those formidable browns. I tried again in 2001. One day I caught 13 - the next day four of us landed one!

Access to the Raven is quite easy, with several bridges opening up the system. The "Buck for Wildlife" bridge is the most popular. Watch for 'bush trout', which seem to devour as many flies as do the browns in the stream.

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